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A West Virginia native, Chuck moved to Anne Arundel County in 1988, where he has spent the last 31 years working for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. In addition to his profession, Chuck has spent his years volunteering for the betterment of his community. Among his volunteer activities, Chuck has coached for both the Buccaneers, where he also served as the organizations Athletic Director, and Pasadena Charger Youth Athletic Clubs. Along with serving as the President of the Caring Cupboard, he has served as the President of the People’s Community Health Center Foundation, as a Board Member on the Anne Arundel County Community Leadership Board of the YMCA, as Secretary of the Pasadena Football Club and as a Board Member of the Glen Burnie Civitan Club.

Chuck Yocum, President

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Having resided in Anne Arundel County for most of her life, Susan has developed a deep seeded passion for serving her community. 


As a practicing attorney, she has lent her skills to the development of numerous PTA Boards prior to being co-founder of the Caring Cupboard. Currently, she also serves her high school alma mater as President of the Northeast Music Boosters. 

Susan Coakley, Vice President

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Born and raised in Anne Arundel county, Jennifer is honored to serve as a Caring Cupboard Board member to support her community. Looking to find a service organization that she and her daughter could both volunteer and support, Jennifer heard about Caring Cupboard's mission and almost immediately began volunteering at events, taking donations, and encouraging others to get involved in such a worthy cause that makes a direct impact in our community. 


Jennifer is committed to service and making a difference in as many ways as possible. Along with Caring Cupboard, Jennifer supports a variety of charities and non-profit organizations and is also a member of Impact 100 Greater Chesapeake, an organization of women committed to improving their community by providing substantial grants to non-profit organizations in Anne Arundel County.


Jennifer Arnold,

Business Outreach Coordinator

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As a Maryland transplant who has lived in Anne Arundel County for the last 15 years, Lisa was looking for ways she could serve her community in more meaningful and directed ways. Having learned about Caring Cupboard from her friend and fellow board member, its mission hit home for her having grown up just outside of Detroit, Michigan, in a community plagued with food insecurity. Lisa began donating and volunteering her and her daughter's time in support of The Cupboard, and it was only a matter of time until Lisa found a way to become more integrated into the group. It is her honor to be a board member for an organization with such a worthy mission that directly supports and impacts Anne Arundel County families, and she looks forward to helping Caring Cupboard reach and exceed its community outreach and support goals.  

Lisa is also a board member for Impact 100 Greater Chesapeake, an organization of women committed to improving their community by providing substantial grants to non-profit organizations in Anne Arundel County.   

Lisa Van Wormer, Secretary

Susan Lewis.jpeg

Susan is a a lifetime Maryland resident who moved to our area from Western Maryland. As a school counselor she sees up close the needs of the families in our community. It is passion for her students and heartfelt desire to see them succeed without barriers, that leads her desire to serve on our Board and to help those in our county. Susan was recently recognized by the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce during their Educational Excellence Award Banquet, and one of Anne Arundel County's finest educators!

Susan Lewis,

Community Ambassador


Karla Finch, 

Development Coordinator

Karla has resided in Anne Arundel County her entire life. Karla has spent years volunteering for her community on behalf of her two kids. She has been active in numerous sports leagues, including the Buccaneers Athletic Club and Pasadena Baseball, where she was instrumental in getting two new fields for the league. Karla's success in acquiring the fields, a grant from the county and her other amazing fundraising skills, earned her the distinct honor of having a baseball field named in her honor. 

Karla will be overseeing the Development functions of the Caring Cupboard. 


Jaime has dedicated her entire adult life to giving back to her community. Between her youth league involvement, school activities and her role with the Caring Cupboard, her schedule is full. 

Yet,  Jaime finds time to care for her family and work fulltime for the family business. 


Jaime Yozsa, Treasurer


Kendall is a sixth grade student at Indian Creek School who is an environmentalist and passionate about helping others.  From her Science projects about human impact on sea life and oceans, to her fundraiser to raise money for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, she constantly strives to make the world a better place.  


She is a creative and artistic advocate who believes everyone can make a difference in their own small way.

Kendall Arnold, Student Board Member


While most people dip their toes into volunteering in their community, Valerie jumped in with both feet. First, winning an award from Anne Arundel County Schools for having donated 500 hours of her time to her daughter’s school. She then turned to the needs of her community. Her ideas for making her home a better place to live, led to community members recruiting her to be President of her community association, where she instituted several policies to clean up her home and worked with governmental agencies to enforce regulations and codes, all of which worked for the betterment of her neighbors. Valerie was not done, as a daycare provider, she recognized the struggles of young mothers in obtaining the necessary items for their babies. The Green Haven Baby Pantry was born. So popular was this program, it spread to the entirety of Pasadena, then the state, as she helped baby pantries across Maryland. Valerie has a wonderful ability to make connections between organizations and to convey needs that inspire others to help.

Valerie Fox, Outreach Coordinator

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A lifelong resident of Anne Arundel County, Dawn has spent over 30 years volunteering within our school system and within her community. Most recently, in addidtion to her work with the Caring Cupboard, Dawn has assisted the Pasadena CPVID-19 Mask Team, making masks for front line workers across the state. 


Dawn has been the developer for several Caring Cupboard programs, inlcuding Project Bloom, the distribution of hygiene products in our schools to assist young ladies. 

Dawn Zebron, Volunteer Coordinator