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An Amazing Weekend of Giving and Receiving!

A few weeks ago, a chain of events was started that resulted in something larger than I ever could have imagined. During a chat with the Caring Cupboard's insurance agent, I learned of the opportunity to be supported by the Pasadena Business Association's Caring and Sharing Harvest Parade. They were already supporting seven food pantries, but we had the opportunity to be a new addition.

Next, came the brain storm of Team Caring Cupboard to join in the annual Dena Bowl football game. The Dena Bowl is the big game between the two high schools in Pasadena, Northeast High School and Chesapeake High School. Always a huge came, this one was even bigger as it came with playoff implications. The winner received the highest seed in the playoffs. Yes, both teams were in the playoffs already! The Caring Cupboard Dena Bowl Food Drive Challenge was born. Bins were decorated with each school's colors and the winner took home the Caring Cupboard Cup, a trophy to hold onto until next year's Dena Bowl.

Finally, the Northeast Football team, recent winners of the George Mills Community Service Award, had been holding a year-long food drive, of which the Caring Cupboard was to be a recipient of what they raised.

As it turned out, all of the events were held the same weekend! November 2nd was the big Dena Bowl. The fans went all out, donating 1,241.5 pounds of food! An amazing contribution! The winner of the challenge was Northeast High School with over 700lbs. of food donated. November 3rd, was the Northeast Football Food drive. Again, an amazing turnout and another 400lbs. of food were donated to the Caring Cupboard. Finally, on Sunday, November 5th, the parade. I don't know how the people of Pasadena do it, but they came out and big!! Over 500lbs. of food donated to the Caring Cupboard for a grand total of over 2,000lbs! That's a ton of food, literally!

As we continue to work toward our fight against food insecurity for our students and their families, these donations will be put to excellent use. We thank everyone who participated in these events and a special thanks to Team Caring Cupboard for the hours of hard work you put into it, as well. You are all amazing!

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